1、Quick Touch

Fast、Convenient、Time-saving,One Touch Achievement

2、Hide Apps

Protect your privacy,

Hide any apps icon from home screen to protect your privacy

3、OS Search

Searches installed apps, latest used apps, contacts and so on.

4、OS Booster

Clear the memory to make your phone run faster

5、OS Market

Gathered the world's hottest and latest games and apps


Quick Touch

Quick response that makes your phone never stuck.

Personalize Phone Desktop

OSlauncher can classify and sort application automatically.

With OSlauncher, you can hide or show your application's icon to protect your privacy.

OSlauncher has mass desktop themes and wallpapers.

They are all free. You can change your phone desktop wallpaper every day.

OSlauncher can let you have iPhone desktop with OS9, OS10 style theme.

Recommend massive and high quality application every day

In OSlauncher, there is an OSMarket that has many best and free apps.

A key operation can optimize and clear memory and keep phone quick and smooth